A positive signal to the public, tax authorities and your stakeholders

Transfer pricing: build your tax image

Tipi sees great value in transparency. When a company invests in projects such as sustainability or socially responsible entrepreneurship, it is worth it to share these initiatives with the public. Both to advertise for the company and to encourage similar action. However, the amount of tax contributed by a company to society as a whole is seldom published. Even though this amount usually represents a far greater expense for the company.

Tax Transparency Report: improve your company's tax image

Tipi helps companies to display their contributions to the societies in which they operate in a Tax Transparency Report. Companies publish this information as a positive signal to the public, tax authorities and other stakeholders as a gesture of awareness of its responsibilities, and willingness to show it fulfils its responsibilities.

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Transfer pricing is the future of international taxation. Let us discuss how we can future-proof your business.

Vincent Maessen

Founder Tipi Consultancy