Determining an interest rate on a corporate loan is not easy. An interest rate that is either too high or too low can lead to serious tax consequences. Hiring an external party to determine the interest rate is often too expensive and based on vague benchmarks from complex databases.


Tipi has developed the innovative web-app InterestCalc to determine the market interest rate on a corporate loan fast and supported by strong economic arguments.

InterestCalc includes:

  • A unique economic model for calculation of an interest rate on a corporate loan;
  • No expensive and complex database benchmarks;
  • Determining the credit rating of your company;
  • A solution fully compliant with current international transfer pricing standards;
  • A solution which can be applied to international loans as well;
  • Receive an indicative report with a market interest rate in 5 minutes. On request a tailor-made and compliant report for tax purposes.

Go to and use the fastest and most reliable solution to calculate an arm's length interest rate. For EUR 250 excluding VAT, within 5 minutes you receive an indicative report with an arm's length interest rate. 

Would you like a fully supported transfer pricing report in line with the international transfer pricing documentation guidelines, then please contact us. Tipi delivers a fully supported transfer pricing report based on an InterestCalc calculation for EUR 2.000 excluding VAT.

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Transfer pricing is the future of international taxation. Let us discuss how we can future-proof your business.

Vincent Maessen

Founder Tipi Consultancy