About Tipi Consultancy

We believe that all companies dealing with transfer pricing can benefit from transparent action. At Tipi, creativity and giving concrete advice are priorities. By doing so, we ensure that we help you reliably with practical advice.

Our unique approach

Transfer pricing advice is usually accompanied by lengthy reports and unnecessary memos. At Tipi, we believe that this is more a case of the advisor 'flexing his muscles' rather than providing useful advice. Tipi takes a different approach, and prefers to give advice beforehand, in clear steps and to-do's. We give advice that is always substantiated in the background, but following the example of an iceberg. The top of the iceberg is visible above water and signals the most important information, but the bulk of the heavy content remains underwater.

Our added value

When complying with transfer pricing rules, preparation beforehand is key. Tipi is an independent partner in resolving transfer pricing issues. The value and strength of our advice lies not only in the clear and efficient documentation afterwards, but especially in the identification of future questions from your accountant, tax advisor and the tax authorities. Unburdening you from transfer pricing issues in advance is the cornerstone of our work.

About the founder

Vincent Maessen

I have been in transfer pricing my entire career. In the fall of 2015, I chose transfer pricing as a specialty because I felt it is a field that people will still be discussing 30 years from now. Since then, I have worked for major consulting firms such as PwC and RSM in the Netherlands an Luxembourg. In these years I advised both family-owned businesses and the largest multinational companies. At the end of 2020, I decided to take on the challenge myself with the team at Tipi.

Transfer pricing (the valuation of transactions) is a profession with many grey areas. It often overlaps with elements of a company's supply chain, financial statements, financing, VAT, and especially a company's value chain. Combining all these elements requires analytical and creative skills, an instinct for looking in the right place, and the ability to explain complex themes in simple terms. These are my qualities as an enthousiastic consultant.

I would be happy to discuss with you how I can guide you through the world of transfer pricing.

Our fees

Transparency is part of Tipi's mission. Our take is that this should extend to our fees.

Tipi has no variable rates and no partner structure. We charge a fixed hourly rate of €200 per hour excluding VAT. Tipi does not charge additional office expenses.

Transfer pricing is by definition a custom-made service. After all, no two companies are identical. Therefore, the time we have to spend on your transfer pricing project can vary. When providing you with a fee quote, Tipi always provides you with a full breakdown of the hours we intend to spend on your project. This means you have a full view of the work to be performed and the costs involved. 

Our General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all our assignments.

Let us inform you about the possibilities

Transfer pricing is the future of international taxation. Let us discuss how we can future-proof your business.

Vincent Maessen

Founder Tipi Consultancy