Transfer pricing made easy

Tipi's mission is to explain the field of transfer pricing to you in a transparent and simple manner. We deliver on this mission with expertise, experience and our unique approach. We expose all transfer pricing concepts (and secrets) in our database. Here you can learn the basics of transfer pricing for your business, and get an idea of the work we do to help you navigate the transfer pricing field.

Our transfer pricing services can be divided into three phases in which we can help:

Advance advice

Practical and clear advice based on our three pillars

Build your tax image

Tax Transparency Report: improve your company's tax image


Clear and simple documentation afterwards

Our vision on transfer pricing

Tipi has a clear vision of the future of international taxation. Harmonization of tax systems is inevitable in the long run, and setting up complicated structures for tax avoidance is out of date. In addition, the effect of Covid-19 should not be estimated. Transfer pricing is the future.

Transfer pricing: Low-hanging fruit for tax administrations

After the last major crisis in 2008/2009, countries were urgently looking for new sources of tax revenue. Tackling tax avoidance by multinational companies was 'low-hanging fruit' at the time. There was a wave of new tax legislation to tackle tax avoidance which led to fewer avoidance structures. After the Covid-19 crisis, Tipi sees a similar development. Large amounts of taxpayer money were spent and must eventually be repaid. This time however, there are no more extreme tax avoidance structures to attack. Scrutinizing multinational companies in an opaque and complicated area like transfer pricing is the new low-hanging fruit for tax authorities in Tipi's view. The importance of having transfer pricing matters in order within your company for the coming years should therefore not be underestimated.

According to Tipi, the future is transparent, more oriented towards fair taxation and focused on transfer pricing. A transfer pricing advisor will become a risk manager, PR manager and tax advisor all in one. Tipi is prepared for this future, and helps its clients navigate this future.

Transfer pricing workshops

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said:

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Reaching out to a consultant for every transfer pricing implementation question is expensive and also unnecessary. Tipi wants to bring transfer pricing knowledge to your team. We do this by organizing our workshops. In these workshops, we explain the concepts and make your internal processes transfer pricing proof together with your employees. We are happy to visit your premises to help.

Let us inform you about the possibilities

Transfer pricing is the future of international taxation. Let us discuss how we can future-proof your business.

Vincent Maessen

Founder Tipi Consultancy