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Transfer pricing is often described as a complex subject. Although the laws and regulations are quite vague and dry, the underlying concepts are logical and intuitive. Our database serves as an easy introduction to these underlying concepts so you can get familiar with the content.

#14 What is the transactional net margin method?

The TNMM is the most frequently used transfer pricing method in practice.

#13 What is the transactional profit split method?

The transactional profit split method is one of the most complex transfer pricing methods to apply.

#12 What is the resale minus method?

The resale minus method is a transfer pricing method useful for distribution transactions.

#11 What is the costplus method?

The costplus method is a frequently used and simple transfer pricing method.

#10 What is the external CUP method?

The external CUP method is one of the most reliable transfer pricing methods.

#9 What is the internal CUP method?

The internal CUP method is a simple and reliable transfer pricing method.

#8 What are the transactional transfer pricing methods?

The transactional transfer pricing methods focus not on the transaction, but on the results on company level.

#7 What are the traditional transfer pricing methods?

The traditional transfer pricing methods are simple, direct and reliable. They focus on the transaction level.

#6 What is the impact of transfer pricing?

The impact transfer pricing has on companies and us all as taxpayers cannot be underestimated.

#5 Is transfer pricing part of a (tax) law?

Are transfer pricing principles set in stone in (tax) laws?

#4 Why is transfer pricing relevant for accountants?

Transfer pricing frequently overlaps with accountancy, although this is less known amongst accountants and tax experts.

#3 What is the arm's length principle?

The arm's length principle is the most important concept in the field of transfer pricing.

#2 Why is transfer pricing relevant?

Why is transfer pricing relevant for us?

#1 What is transfer pricing?

Transfer pricing is the setting of prices between two parties that know each other.

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Tipi's goal is to explain the complex aspects of transfer pricing using clear language.

Transfer pricing workshops

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said:

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Reaching out to a consultant for every transfer pricing implementation question is expensive and also unnecessary. Tipi wants to bring transfer pricing knowledge to your team. We do this by organizing our workshops. In these workshops, we explain the concepts and make your internal processes transfer pricing proof together with your employees. We are happy to visit your premises to help.

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Transfer pricing is the future of international taxation. Let us discuss how we can future-proof your business.

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